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8 winning tips for designing jaw-dropping logos

By admin | March 2, 2018

Time to tweak the definition of perfection!

Hold on! Don’t copy! Copying others & taking inspiration are two completely different things. You can’t copy a logo and say that you have made it. There is no problem in taking inspiration but when that inspiration turns out to be a copied version of the already existing logo that’s the real problem. Save your client’s brand image and carve an amazing piece that smoothly conveys the brand’s message.

Don’t know how to make a unique logo design? Jump in our boat; we will show you the way!

Thoroughly go through the design brief

“I know everything” attitude is not going to work for you. Be ready to hear what your client needs from you. Go an extra mile to find out what he is expecting from you. Understand about your client’s business, get to know about your client’s customers. Do you know, your client’s rival is your perfect friend? Sounds weird, right? That’s true, a client’s competitor gives you a better insight of what different you can do to get a bright spot for your client.

Take inspiration

“I am in love with this design, so I’ll make something like this” Wait! You are not allowed to copy others. There is a thin line between inspiration and copying, don’t cross it. If you fall in love with other’s designs, you will create something similar. Do one thing, do not limit yourself, take inspiration but come up with your design concept.

Be flexible

We understand! Sometimes you lose your patience level when the client asks for changes. It is better that you inform your client, time to time to avoid the rejection, when you deliver the final draft. Listen to your client’s ideas, incorporate it correctly and craft a piece that never falls in the zone of rejected designs.

Pencil is your companion

Don’t touch your computer right after understanding the brief. Take a pencil and start sketching the ideas you have in your mind. Sketching your thoughts on a paper will help you a lot. It doesn’t matter how well or bad you draw; the point is to sketch your ideas.

Don’t run after the trend

Running after trend shouldn’t be your approach while designing a logo. Trends come and go within a blink of an eye. Ask yourself a question, “Does my designed piece has a good lifespan” If the answer is NO then quit the idea of delivering that logo to your client. Make a unique logo design that has a good lifespan.

Choose the perfect color

If your client has mentioned the corporate colors, sounds perfect! You can use it. If not, then open the emotional color wheel and choose the color according to the feel you want to give to that brand. Colors have a direct impact on our minds. So, choose the color, keeping the nitty gritty details in your mind.

Follow the brand guidelines

If your client has provided you with the brand guidelines, do follow it. Remember, you are making a logo for your client not for yourself. Don’t use the fonts which you like, use those fonts that your client’s like. Gimmicky fonts should not be your choice as those fonts don’t play any role in setting a logo apart from the crowd.

Adhere to the rule of balance & proportion

Creating harmony & balance should be on your list. All the design elements you are putting in should be in a rhythm. Your logo should look good when you zoom-in and zoom-out. If the designed piece doesn’t look good, then do the needed amendments.

Bottom line

A designed piece has to be pleasant to the eyes. By following the above tips, you can create amazing logos. Try to take feedback from others and take the comments positively. You are designing your client’s brand identity so make sure that you deliver a flawless piece.

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