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6 fantastic logo design tips for small business owners

By admin | March 11, 2018

A big round of applause for you! You have a great business idea. You are operating the business in a great way. Still, something is missing! Do you feel that you try with all of your potentials to get more customers but you fail many times? Let’s reveal the real reason.

“Your logo fails to grab the attention of potential customers”

It’s not too late for a new beginning. You still have time to save your brand’s image. Below you will find some fantastic tips that will be of help in designing a perfect logo for your business.

  1. Analyze your logo

    First of all, have a look at your logo. See if it is communicating about your core brand values or not. Your logo can go in favor of your company or can go entirely against it. Little you do know, your logo indirectly communicates about your brand or service.

  2. Learn from other’s mistakes

    Don’t you believe that your logo can become your biggest enemy if it is not designed well? P&G’s previous logo is the best example of it. Their very first logo was entirely different from what it looks now. There was a picture of an old man in the P&G’s logo which people perceived as Satan. As a result of the negative impact, they changed the logo and came up with a simple form.

    Don’t introduce any controversial element in your logo that makes you suffer afterward.

  3. Achieve the balance

    Your assumptions are not going to work here. There is a different thought process behind every logo. Firstly, understand the basic rules of logo design. Basic practices will help you during brainstorming ideas.

    Simplicity is the only constant rule that exists in the cosmos of logo design. You can’t achieve the right balance unless you follow the rule of simplicity while bringing a logo to life.

  4. Do the pre-work

    “Let me get the burden off my head. Logo designer, here I come!” 90% of you will agree with this statement. People love to go with the shortcuts. Well, if you want a logo that outshines the rest, there is no shortcut.

    Just giving a design brief doesn’t make sense. If you do not take part in the design process, you won’t get the desired results. Research about your industry, have complete know-how of the landscape, make rough sketches of what you want in your logo and give it to the designer. It is necessary for you to streamline the process so that you have a bright idea of what you want from your designer.

  5. Big brands are your best teachers

    WOW! Comes from you when you see some exceptional logos. To give the same WOW factor to your logo, take inspiration from big brands. Look at Nike’s logo; it’s simple, it looks elegant yet robust. Now start understanding the hidden meanings etched in its logo. You already know that Nike’s logo has a wing in the air, did you know that the wing gives you a secret message of “reaching beyond your potential”?

    Just like Nike, every brand has a secret message, hidden inside the logo. Now it’s upto you, think of the message you want your logo to convey and communicate it to your designer.

  6. Make an active design

    This logo has a spark! If you are willing to get such compliments make sure that you go for an active design. Oh, wait! Active design? What is it? Relax, we will tell you about it. To clear the confusion, see Twitter’s logo, look at the bird whose wings are widespread, now this speaks for the action. You feel movement in an active logo design.

    I have a wordmark, can I convert it into an active design? If this is your question, FedEx logo is the answer. The negative space between E and X forms an arrow that conveys a message; something is moving forward.

    Well, you have a remarkable brain, use it and come up with an active logo design.

Bottom Line

There is no definite plan to make a perfect logo! You need to use your brain smartly to land your boat on the shore of creativity. Think, think and think again! Follow the above logo design tips, bring unique concepts to life and make a logo that compels people to say “Your logo has a spark!”

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