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6 priceless tips for redesigning a logo

By admin | March 17, 2018

Your logo is in for a quick makeover! Don’t you think that your logo needs to be redesigned? You will change your thoughts after reading this blog. We admire that you are trendy, you want to keep yourself up-to-date. Your appearance matters to you but don’t you think that your brand’s image matters as well?

Let’s share something with you that nobody ever tells you…..

“People are silently judging you for the logo.”

Now, don’t make the mistake of changing your logo completely that it fails to communicate the brand’s message. Are you afraid that people won’t adjust to the new logo? Good news is that they will adapt if you come up with a logo that speaks for your brand’s personality.

It sounds a daunting task, right? Not anymore! Our 6 tips will help you in redesigning a perfect logo. Let’s take you to our shore of amazing tips.

Extract out the best qualities

Hold on! Don’t scrap your logo completely. Think on a broader perspective, maybe your logo possess some qualities. Extract out the best qualities and discard the rest. Be very clear about one thing, redesigning a logo doesn’t stand for changing it completely.

A glance at the past

When I don’t even have a long tale to share, how will I look into my brand’s past? Breathe! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a crazy history, but surely your brand has a past. To bring a great logo design to life, get ideas from your brand’s past. Wait! Don’t limit yourself; you don’t need old ideas. You need a creative version of your old ideas.


Alright, individuals do make mistakes, but it doesn’t mean that one should continue the trail of making mistakes. You have made a complicated logo that is far beyond the understanding of individuals. It’s the time to remove those intricate design elements. Remove some complex elements and create a simpler version.
A simple logo is easy-to-remember and gets registered in your user’s mind quickly.

Choose a color that complements your design

Sometimes, it gets troublesome to convey a message just by using symbols. The previous strategy you used didn’t work for you, right? Or maybe it worked for a particular period. Rethink now and come up with an innovative approach. Colors are essential and give the logo a new life. Choose the color that makes your logo stands out.

Contemporary vs. conventional

We are not asking you to dump your heritage! You can still make a trendy logo by understanding the right balance between conventional and contemporary. Sticking to the past will give you nothing. Analyze your logo and look for the parts that speak for your brand’s history. After that use your creative wand and give it a touch of modernity.

Don’t overload the design

You are not making a Lego tower! It is a big NO to overdo things here. Putting in plenty of design elements will clutter your logo. Don’t become a joke for your customers. Leave some meaningful negative space that smartly conveys your brand’s message.

Bottom line

Bounce back in the battle of brands with a redesigned logo. People will admire your logo if it is innovative and make them wonder. Giving a WOW factor to your logo is possible, but yes you have to follow the great logo design tips mentioned above.

Still wondering how to do it? Let’s be your helping hand! Logo Design Dock is there for your assistance. Hire us to give your logo a remarkable makeover!

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