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Deadly mistakes in logo design

By admin | March 21, 2018

“The public is more familiar with bad design than good design.” said Paul Rand.

Logo for $5! This thing hitches the attention of those who seek to save pennies. Trust us; you are not going to build up a palace by saving few bucks that can earn you millions. Your logo is not just a mark of identification; it is more than that.

A person recognizes a brand by seeing its logo. Do you think that cheap logo packages can do any good for your brand? 100% you will fall if opt for such packages. There is a vast difference between a professional designer and an amateur who doesn’t even know the basics of logo design.

Keep it in mind; nobody becomes a designer just after reading few logo design tips. Aren’t you aware, how an amateur hitches you? Relax! We will reveal it.


Mistakes done by an amateur can send you behind bars! An amateur uses stock vector graphics without caring for the copyrights issues. Even if he owns a license to download those stock art images, it is not going to do any good. Be assured, if your hired designer is using it, somebody on the earth is using it too. Of course, you can’t force others to stop using it.

A professional will never do it. Professionals biblically follow the notion of uniqueness and creates a jaw-dropping art piece for you.

Pixelated logos all the way!


Does your logo pixelate when you enlarge it? If yes, then you surely need another logo. Count it as one of the side effects of hiring the services of a newbie.

It is one of the standard practices to design a logo on vector graphics software like Adobe Illustrator. An amateur makes a deadly mistake of using raster images that are next to nightmares in the dictionary of logo design. It is highly recommended to use vector images so that your logo doesn’t pixelate.

Professional designers know all the minute details. Using raster image for a logo doesn’t exist in their world of logic.

Copycat approach


“Whoa! Such a beautiful logo, let’s copy it”, this is the approach of amateurs. Unfortunately, instead of using their brains, they believe in copying others. What they do is, they take a beautiful simple logo design, do slight changes and present it to the clients. It leads the client to the zone of uncountable issues like of copyrights violation.

Seeking the services of a professional saves you here big time! Unique concept blended with creativity is what you get from a professional designer.

Highly complex logos


Amateurs put in meaningless design elements and call it a logo. A complicated logo can’t do wonders! Newbies don’t seem to understand the rule of simplicity. Oversimplification of things should be the primary approach. A complicated logo doesn’t look good when printed.

Have a look at the famous logos of Nike, Apple & Adidas. Their logos run on the law of simplicity. No need to say that a professional designer knows, how to craft a simple logo design that looks unique as well.

Bottom line

“All that glitter is not gold.”

Don’t get hitch in the well-planned web of $5. There is no harm in spending more bucks and obtaining the services of a professional. Your brand image is important, so please treat it that way. An amateur only deceives you by showing an illusion of “professional services at low rates.” Opt for the one who covers an extra mile to serve you in the best way.

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