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Are Brand Guidelines Important For Your Business? A Brief Analysis

By admin | May 8, 2018

are brand guidelines important for your business

Who favors uncertainty in things? Nobody does!

Imagine seeing yourself in a crowd of people and there is nothing that can distinguish you, how would people recognize you?

Are you speechless right now? You must be.

Similar is the case with your brand. If you don’t give it a distinguish cloak, your audience will have a hard time in recognizing your brand.

Brand guidelines set the foundation for your brand and everything that comes next in the row resonates well with the established set of rules.

Creating a unified identity of your business is essential. When you establish a set of rules in the meanings of brand’s logo, colors of the brand and the typography, the element of consistency gets its root developed.

When you are on the edge of starting your own company, you have to set your brand guidelines. Some companies seek to revamp themselves; such companies need to have the brand guidelines.

Your prospective and potential customers recognize you in a marketplace with the help of your brand guidelines. You can call it an indirect communication between a brand and customers.

Still, you have somewhere in your mind that brand guidelines are not crucial for your business? Well, we are here to change your thoughts for good.

Brand guidelines can bring a massive change to the outlook of your brand. After reading this entire blog, you won’t ignore the importance of it.


Consistency is essential if you want your brand to stay in the limelight. Are you getting confused here? Relax, we will tell you what consistency regarding brand is.

For instance, a person visits your website, finds it useful and think of contacting you. Now, you set a meeting and handover your business card to him. The logo that he saw on your website contradicts with the logo which is there on the business card, how would that person perceive you? That person will get a bad image of your company because of lacking consistency.

When your logo, your marketing collateral, the typography you use are in sync with each other, a connection gets established. Your customers get a good impression of your company and they recognize you instantly in the marketplace.

The best example of consistency can be seen in the giant brands. Setting rules for the brand brings harmony to it and all the things are made keeping the same style guide into the core of mind.


Brand guidelines contain set of rules that help in enhancing the visual appearance of your brand. Your brand guidelines contain all the information related to the colors to be used, the typography and everything that falls in the grid of visual appearance of the brand.

Don’t expect your newly hired designer to get a revelation. You know about your brand, but the designer doesn’t. You have to provide him with the brand guidelines if you want to see consistency in all the designed pieces.


Undeniably, the perfect advantage you get from establishing the brand guidelines is that your potential and prospective customers recognize you easily. Not having brand guidelines is a sin in our words and a brand has to pay for it always. A brand that doesn’t own a set of guidelines doesn’t get registered in the brains easily.

Think it from this perspective; if you register yourself in your customers’ mind, whenever they will be in need of some similar product or service, your brand will automatically pop up into their brains. What else can be better than occupying a distinctive place in customers mind? We can’t think of anything else, can you?


It’s normal to get a little too excited about introducing the new services or products but stretching yourself beyond the set limits is harmful to your brand. Brand guidelines help you in maintaining the consistency. It helps you in identifying your mistake when you go a little extra in terms of design.


When your brand runs on a particular rhythm, it is conceived as valuable. The element of consistency gives your customers a silent message that your brand is reliable since it appears to be professional. No denials here, your brand guidelines play an important role in enhancing your brand’s image.


Do you think that you can establish a perfect brand tone without having a brand style guide? Well, we will say that you are just daydreaming, nothing else than that. To set a brand’s personality, it is vital to have a set of guidelines.

So, are you ready to get the brand guidelines for your business? If yes, then we are ready to lend you a helping hand. Contact us to get the perfect guidelines for your business. We are giving you our word; we will give your brand the consistency it deserves.

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