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# 1 Meat up

“Meat up” is the name of the restaurant which serves high-quality burger and sandwiches with juicy meat and tender sauce to their customers. The concept behind meat up is a “meet up.” Customers go to the restaurant with their beloved ones to meet and connect with them over the appealing and scrumptious burger. These aspects get combined for the logo and to create a connection, there is a curve arch sketch to make logo eye-catching.

Meat red color is used in the logo to enhance a modern and robust feeling. The red color associated with passion and emotions of hunger. To make hunger prominent; red color is chosen with a bold font.

detailed case study

# 2 One OF

“One OF” deals with the high-end watch industry and its logo is aimed to be luxurious, timeless and classic. Interlocking O’s with semi bold and light style make the look of logo glamorous and unique. Classic and vintage theme with the impact of infinity creates a link and makes the logo jewel for the company. This multi-dimensional logo portrays the timeless luxuries of past, present, and future linked through a chain.

The muted grey color used to target youth and elite audience as it shows authority, mystery, and elegance in the logo. This color is used for light and dark backgrounds to illustrate professional and formal impact.

detailed case study

# 3 Katie Conway

Katie Conway is the name of a female musician and flute instructor. The name itself is going to be a logo and to create an element of a musician in the alphabets, the signature of music is used in the first alphabet. The signature feature has been put in the logo to make it elegant, while the stylishly factor is there to express feminism. In the second part of the name, light and the minimal font has been used to convey a professional and clean message.

Black color shows reliability and dependability. A natural combination of calligraphy script makes the logo more enthusiastic for music lovers.

detailed case study

# 4 Logo Design Dock

Logo Design Dock is a newfangled leave arising from the branch of Dock Studio. Dock is a hub and enclosed area of water at port which defines specific point of logo designing through illustrator which give style to the edges. Designer used nib of the pen to show anchor which enhance the aspects of drawing according to company’s value. All aspects combine in the logo and show a stopping point to the customer to get a perfect logo for his company to get brand recognition in the target market.

Logo Design Dock has many colors in its logo which shows sensitivity, enthusiasm and fascination with Orange and Grey color towards the designing. Blue color defines the stability of logo’s life by giving delicacy to a font with the illustrator’s pen.

detailed case study

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