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5 social media branding tips to give a kick-start to your next campaign

By admin | February 28, 2018

Social media branding is essential for your business, social media plays a prominent role in the brand’s success…. blah blah blah. They all keep telling you the generic tale which you are no longer interested in listening to. The case is opposite here; we won’t just say that social media branding is important but will provide you with some secret tips that nobody told you ever before.
Be very mindful of one thing; social media branding is not just about sticking your logo on different social media accounts. Here, you will discover some quick logo design tips that will make your game of social media branding, stronger

Ratio of the logo

Agreed, you have the best logo ever! But the point is that many times brands make a mistake of making it too small or making it too large for social media accounts. Don’t think that you will save yourself by setting the same size for every social media platform. It is crucial for you to understand that you need to make a logo of different sizes for every social media platform.
Different social media platforms shrink the logo as per their defined size. Make sure that you keep the significant design contents in the center of the logo rather than keeping them near to the edges.

The color of the logo

Colors are responsible for evoking negative or positive emotions. Needless to say that color is the most potent weapon you have. Suppose, you are willing to build trust, now what color will evoke the positive emotion? The answer is “blue” color. But wait! Blue has so many tones and shades. Talking about pale blue, it represents “disappointment.” Of course, you don’t want to use pale blue in this case.
It is imperative for you to understand your audience first and have a complete know-how of the emotional color wheel. Reading some quick logo design tips will not do any favor to you. Study your audience before choosing the color of your logo.

Consistency is an effective key

That’s why we say that brand guidelines are essential if you want to keep the consistency. You must be thinking that why are we emphasizing the point again and again that your branding strategy is incomplete without a logo. Well, the logo is the face of your company, it is the most important part of your branding. So, you have to maintain the element of consistency everywhere.
Have one logo, maintain the consistency and adjust the ratio as per the social media campaign. You surely don’t want your customer’s, wandering, whether it is your logo or not. It is good that you are adjusting the ratio as per different social media platforms, but it makes no sense to alter your logo entirely that it makes difficult for a person to recognize you in the marketplace.
Suppose, a customer see your logo on the marketing collateral, now you have altered the logo for social media pages, when that particular customer will check your social media page, what will he think? He won’t be interested in playing the guessing game with you. That is why, it is more than essential to maintain the consistency so that when they see your logo anywhere, they recognize your brand instantly.

People judge you for typography

WE ARE HERE TO DESIGN YOUR LOGO! How does it feel like? You can’t yell at your customers! You have to be very mindful of the typography you are using. Using all the capital letters in a social media post doesn’t make sense. If you are using capital letters, make sure that it is in the right balance. Choosing serif font or sans-serif font is all upto you. Mostly, people go for sans serif font as it is easily readable, while serif fonts are a bit hard to read.
Having a sound knowledge of size proportion and position is necessary. If you have limited space, don’t go for the large font as it will kill the harmony of design. Moreover, don’t go for more than two fonts, as using more fonts will do no good to your design.

Over-detailing of elements

Maybe when you get your complicated logo printed in large size, it looks good but when you will use that logo for social media campaigns, get ready for a nightmare! It’s a big no to make a complex logo because when you shrink it for the social media posts, it will look ugly.
Design a simple logo for your brand. Play with the negative space and bring a masterpiece to life. More straightforward a design is, simpler it would be for your customers to remember.

Bottom line

Social media can surely boost your sales if you use it correctly. Following tips are beneficial if you want you to wrap your next social media campaign into the cloak of success. Do the proper social media branding, let the customer’s know about you and shoot them with the new offerings.


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