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Your positive logo needs some negative space

By admin | March 13, 2018

The positive logo needs some negative space, does it sound uncanny? If yes, then it’s the right time to enlighten yourself about the beauty of negative space. Don’t think too literal by perceiving it as a part of some spell work.

Negative space stands for something that let you artistically develop a shape without actually developing it. Was it too complicated for your brain? Breathe! We won’t leave you in the middle. No long tales here! Let’s unwrap what’s negative space and how it enhances the appearance of a logo.

Negative space – An optical illusion

You can surely name it as an optical illusion. The area that you see around the main subject is what commonly termed as negative space. Often, this term gets misunderstood, people take it in the meaning of spaces within the shape which is highly incorrect.

Exciting spaces present between two different objects make a fantastic piece of art. That piece of art is achieved with the help of proper negative space. Still confused….. Take a look at this picture.


What do you see in it? A vase right. Do you think, a vase is there? Think again! Because the vase is not there. There are two faces in the picture, grouped in the presence of bright light. This is how you are getting an illusion that a vase is there.

Renowned logos possess negative space

Tricking a user’s brand is an art which famous brands have well-mastered. See, all the famous logos, you will find one common thing that they have beautifully taken advantage of negative space.

Here comes first in the queue “WWF.”

See the insane power of “less is more” concept in the WWF logo. Our brains are designed to fill the left gaps present between objects. Just like we humans can read between the lines, our mind is capable of doing the same but in a different way. In the above logo Panda is not there; it’s your illusion.

Indeed, WWF logo is the live example of “principal of proximity.”

Fed Ex Logo

Have a closer look at Fed Ex logo. Did you see an arrow? If not, look again. A hint for you, pay closer attention to the “EX” part. Now you must have seen an arrow. Do think that they didn’t intentionally do it? You are wrong; they did it on purpose. Little you are aware, that arrow gives a hidden message of speed & accuracy. Fedex Logo surely falls in the alley of good logo designs. See, how they are tricking the brains of individuals.

Time to revitalize your logo with negative space

Interested in giving negative space to the logo but don’t know how to do it?  Let’s help you here. If you have a wordmark logo, try to bring the letters closer and see what result it gives you.

Transform your symbol logo

Have you already established a symbol for your business? No problem if you have, still you can add negative space to it. Make a solid background and put your symbol on it. How does it look? If it seems sound, then just make a cut-out and use it as your logo.

Bottom line

A good logo design sets you apart from the crowd. To make a compelling piece of art, it is necessary for you to create harmony between negative and positive space. Negative space is nothing more than an illusion. Play with the design elements, use negative space and give a shape to amazing logos that grabs the attention.

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