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A perfect logo elevates the sales graph of your business, is it true?

By admin | March 23, 2018

I am giving the best services! Do you think that you will say it and people will start believing you? Well, you are in for a shocking surprise! People just don’t believe on your words. Then, what can make them believe you? You guessed it right! “YOUR BRAND’S LOGO”. Your logo will speak for your commitment towards providing the best services.

Why do you need a logo?

A study was conducted by Missouri University of Science and Technology, according to which the visitors of your website forms a first impression within few nanoseconds. They spend most of their time in staring at a company’s logo.

Not everyone is a good reader; people are not interested in reading your mission statement, your core values, etc. But here, if you embed your brand’s core values in a logo, it will work for you. Have a look at McDonald’s logo; you will instantly understand, it is related to fun, liveliness and happiness. See, how quickly you interpreted the meanings of McDonald’s logo. Hence proved, it is possible to communicate about your brand’s core values without saying a word.
Still wondering…. If the logo can give a boost to your business or not? We have some convincing reasons for you.

Helps you in creating consistency

Please don’t consider your logo a sticker that you place on your website. Your logo is a part of each and everything you make. Whether you are making marketing collateral or making social media accounts, your logo is with you everywhere. The tale hasn’t finished yet; it appears on all the printed material. When your marketing collateral, your website, your social media accounts has your logo, it will get etched into the customer’s mind.

Getting a logo, designed by a professional can surely do wonders for you. Nothing could be better than getting a distinctive spot in the customers’ mind. Well, your logo gets that distinctive spot for you. A logo communicates your brand’s core values.

Your visibility gets stronger

What makes your business to reach the peak of success? The answer is obvious, your brand’s visibility takes you to the staircase of success. When you talk about promoting your business, you put your logo on every marketing channel. What happens is that when people keep seeing your logo, it starts getting registered in their minds.

It is a proven thing that we remember those things for a more extended period that get etched into our subconscious. When your customers’ see your logo, it eventually starts getting etched into their subconscious mind.

Builds a relationship with the brand

“Oh, I don’t know, but I don’t want to buy this brand,” you must have heard that from someone. Why do people say that? One of the answers is “because of the logo.” This globe is so rich in cultures. People belonging to different cultures have a different association with shapes and colors.

To understand the concept consider this example, some people don’t like to associate black color with a food item. If you use black color in the logo of restaurants, people following a particular culture won’t favor it. This will not go in favor of the restaurant and surely people will be least interested in going to that restaurant. Now see, your logo has a significant impact on your brand’s image.

People perceive your brand as friendly or unfriendly just by your logo. Your logo helps you in building up a positive relationship with your customers.

Boost in sales

Your logo introduces you to people when they don’t even know about your product or services. Logo creates emotions in people and those emotions provoke them to buy your brand. The positive or negative association it builds, is responsible for the increase or decrease in sales.

“Purchasing decision of consumers solely depends on their emotions”, according to ISPO magazine. Hence proved! You need a good logo if you want your customers to build up the right emotions with your brand. So that you enjoy the increase in sales graph.

Bottom Line

Many of you say that it is not right to judge a book by its cover, well this statement is not a valid representation of how we human think. Mostly, people judge things by appearance. If a restaurant doesn’t serve you in a presentable manner, would you ever go to that restaurant, no matter how good the food is? You won’t go there. Similarly, people judge your brand by your logo. Your logo is responsible for the growing graph of your sales.

Do you want a logo that doesn’t fail to build up a positive relationship with the customers? We welcome you to our boat of outstanding logos. Getting a logo designed, can help your business on a good scale. Count on us, hit the link we will never let you sink!

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