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Become Mr. Picasso of 21st century! Follow our simple tips

By admin | March 26, 2018

Paint your client’s brand image with your magic wand of logo! You have the right set of skills, you have everything that it takes to become a designer, but you lack when it comes to making memorable logos.

Picasso was famous for his creativity. One thing you have to learn from his life is that he never stopped experimenting. He used to come up with uncanny ideas that took the form of masterpieces. You too upgrade your graph as a designer and become Mr. Picasso of the graphics design world.

“I am going to provide you with an exceptional brand’s logo design,” well this statement won’t work unless you do. Creating memorable logos demand of extensive research and knowledge about design elements.

What should be your priority?

Making logos that you like should not be your priority. You are working for a client; your focus should be on making a logo that appeals to your client. Well, sometimes even your client fails to understand what he wants. In that case, you have to advise him. Have a healthy relationship with your client and bring fantastic logo design to life that speaks for your professionalism.

Something good has finally arrived in town! This is what the customers say when they see a jaw-dropping logo. Having trouble with how can you make a memorable logo? Get some guidance from our shore of creativity.

  1. Take out your sketchbook

    Make rough sketches of your ideas in your sketchbook. The approach should not be just filling the pages. Sketch your thoughts, don’t worry about how good or bad you are sketching. Once you have enough sketches, don’t hesitate to show it to your friends and family. Take their feedback as it will help you in making a memorable logo.

  2. Simplicity is the best companion

    All amazing logos in the world are simple. Simple logos look elegant, moreover, looks good when printed. In this century, nobody likes the plethora of design elements. For instance, your room is full of furniture, it looks compact and you see the clothes, here and there. How would you feel? Won’t you get embarrassed when a friend comes into your room? Similarly, when you forcefully add multiple design elements, you make it harder for a logo to breathe.

  3. A big no to the “Me too” logo

    Who asked you to imitate the logo? Search for the patterns, search for the different concepts but don’t fall into the category of monotonous by copying other’s logo. The real task is to take inspiration from different logos and then creating something unique that doesn’t exist in the market. When you see a unique logo, try to decode the brand’s message. Take inspiration from their concept behind creating that logo piece and come up with a unique logo that overshadows the rest.

  4. A logo should be versatile

    The logo you are making will get printed on the marketing collateral. Make sure that it looks good when printed on the business cards, letterhead, stickers, etc. Zoom-in and zoom-out your logo to see whether it looks good in all sizes or not.

  5. The gradient is not coming to rescue you

    You are in charge of implementing your great idea. It all depends on you how creatively you bring your idea to life. Using gradient in your logo doesn’t make sense. If your brand’s logo design doesn’t look good in black color, don’t expect gradient to save it. The perfect idea is to make your logo in black color so that you get a better picture of how it will look once you fill in the colors.

Bottom line

Clear your confusion regarding one thing, complexity doesn’t stand for creativity. Making a memorable logo doesn’t mean that you make it too complicated for a person to understand. Simplicity rules in the kingdom of logo design. Follow the great tips mentioned above and create memorable logos.

Are you willing to give a perfect identity to your brand? Let’s do it for you! Hire us, as our magic wand of creativity will leave no stone unturned in giving a distinctive identity to your brand.

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