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Does Packaging Design Have Any Relationship With The Buying Decision?

By admin | May 15, 2018

Does Packaging design have any relationship with the buying decision

Have you ever walked into the supermarket and picked a product just because you think it is nicely packed?

Yes, it happens with all of us!

Do you wonder why we and customers around the world do it?

It happens due to the packaging and packaging design of the product.

Packaging is one of the essential marketing tools which has great potential in influencing the buying decision of customers. Do you know how it affects in attracting and altering the customer’s behavior? We will tell you today.

According to a research of The Paper worker, one-third of the buying and decision making of the customer is based on the packaging of the product. There are various elements of any packaging which includes its design that influences the customers. The packaging also plays an impact on the emotions and attachment of the customers, creating memories and feelings which results in customer loyalty and long-term relationship between the consumer and the brand. That is why the customer behavior and packaging design have a close connection with each other. But, how these elements are linked together? Let us tell you.

How product packaging and design affect your buying decision?

The visuals are more active sense of our body and we make most of our daily small and big decisions on the bases of what we see. That is why when we see a good packaging design, we instantly attracted towards it. The other sense of touch, smell and hear now adds the information such as the texture, sound, smell and other visual details of the product and thus, results in influencing the buying behavior.

· First impression:

It just takes 7 seconds for your brain to quickly analyze the product by its packaging and makes a decision. That is why your packaging design should stand out to influence the buyer.

· Packaging and its design influence your subconscious:

More than your conscious it strikes your subconscious. Customers are attracted towards those brands which promise to deliver the best quality and value. That is why we have seen many brands which emphasize these details such as 100% original, fat-free, low calories, etc. The packaging and packaging design represent your brand and that is why it plays an essential role in making an impact.

· Convenience:

An excellent products packaging and packaging design make it more accessible and quicker for the customer to find it among other variants and shelves having similar brands. Effective packaging helps the customers to make fast and easy buying decisions.

· Icons:

Packaging taps the heart and mind of the customer and with right packaging design, you can do it too.

Icons are easily recognizable and it reminds the customer their personal experience and quality of the product.

Brand icons also help in developing the emotional connection with the product and in making a long-term relationship with the customer and the brand.

· Aesthetics:

It is essential in influencing the customers when a product design attracts the customer; they will spend more time in looking at the attractive packaging which results in the positive buying decision.

According to a research one-third of purchases and buying depends on the packaging, packaging design as well as personal preferences of customers.

  1. Typography:
  • Fonts have personalities that is why we associate them with elegant, austere, cool, straightforward, delicate or any other possibilities.
  • The size, color and style of font also affect the readability of your packaging. That is why if you don’t choose the right fonts, your customers might not read it.
  1. Color:
  • Color is another simple and unified way to communicate your brand with the customers.
  • When you use colors smartly in your packaging, you can visually set your brand apart from the competition.
  • Color must be used to attract the customers, set the right tone of your product and communicate the right message of your brand to the customers.
  1. Ripple effect:

Packing and its designs play an essential role in a ripple effect in marketing the product long after a customer chooses to purchase it.

According to a research,

  • 52% of online customers want to return to the business for another purchase when they get the product in premium packaging.
  • 90% of customers reuse the bags and boxes of packaging for another purpose.
  • 30% of businesses reported that they had seen an increase in consumer interest when they had paid special attention to packaging.

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